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Autumn 2010: Support from Chichester City Council


On 12th October Worthing Borough Council voted to ask WSCC to implement 20's Plenty borough wide as soon as possible.  Spurred on by this Sarah asked Chichester City Council to consider bringing 20's Plenty to their Community Affairs Committee.

On 7th December 2010 Chichester City Council agreed to support 20mph limits in their full council meeting.  


January - October 2011: Demonstrating support from the public


Over the next 11 months the group continued to gain more signatures on the 20's Plenty petition by holding stalls in schools, the University, College., Churches, Graylingwell etc, etc. A public meeting was held in March 2011 with Rod King, founder of 20's Plenty for Us.  Sarah also received many letters of support from societies, organisations, schools in Chichester which she handed over to the Chichester South County Local Committee (CLC) along with 3,091 signatures on 1st November 2011.


November 2011 - May 2012: Progress through the County Local Committee


The CLC meeting in November 2011 agreed to consult on 20mph limits subject to the project being included on the Infrastructure Plan Prioritisation list which was subsequently confirmed at their next meeting in February 2012.  


The November decision included various options for Chichester including arterial and residential roads.  It also included an option on a more expensive phased approach.  However it was decided in February 2012 to proceed to a Traffic Regulation Order on only the residential roads, missing out the busy arterials and gyratory systems in the city which are so daunting to cyclists.


At the May 2012 meeting the decision to proceed with consultation was affirmed.


July - September 2012: Formal consultation


Citizens will be consulted on their views and the campaign group will aim to encourage support through a poster campaign.